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Electrolux's health challenge story

What happens when 250 employees from six countries decide to get fit? The answer is a healthier workplace. From swimming and squats to clocking up 41,000 kilometers across Benelux, France and the UK & Ireland with friends, family, colleagues & pets, well done to the 40 Electrolux Energy Challenge teams! This is a great story written by Electrolux, so good we have to share it.


From May 22 to June 18, 250 employees in three clusters – Benelux, France and the UK & Ireland - took part in the Electrolux Energy Challenge, in collaboration with Challengize, an external health partner.

This digital health challenge is an exciting team-building activity using the Challengize app as a social hub for participants to share updates, log their activities and post photos. The challenge is open to all employees, regardless of their current fitness level. The focus is on personal progress, rather than just simple steps or minutes, and all points are based on an individual’s efforts.

"Our goal was to work together in teams to achieve personal health goals and to create a healthy workplace. By giving employees the opportunity to be active together, creates a happier and more productive workforce,” says Gregory Deschuyteneer, Head of HR Benelux, Electrolux Group.”

Challenge yourself and energize others

Over the four weeks, the 40 teams spent 9,485 hours in motion - running, powerwalking, and cycling 41,000 kilometers, and saving 1,589 kg of CO2 emissions by cycling instead of driving to and from work.

Doing housework activities, gardening, walking the dog, running, powerwalking, cycling, swimming, squats … with colleagues, friends, family and pets – all these physical activities counted towards clocking up distance, active hours and CO2 savings points.

Was it worth it?

Here are some of the participants' happy experiences:

“It was a great challenge to be part of and we had a lot of fun as a team motivating one another to get out and get moving!”
“We were all highly motivated to take part in this challenge and we motivated each other. A real team spirit. The team is made up of people from different departments, which enabled us to get to know each other better”.
“It was my second time to participate, and it was extraordinary. We formed a multinational team where we encouraged each other to go an extra mile. We met new colleagues and we started to talk beyond the challenge. We had a little healthy competition between the other clusters, and it really worked because we moved a lot more. Can't wait for the next one!”

Thanks for great fun together and congratulations to the success of the Electrolux Energy Challenge!

/ The Challengize team


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