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Combitech selects Challengize health as a service

We are delighted to welcome Combitech to a health year with Challengize and are excited to see such great results already from their first digital health challenge with us.


The health year kicked off this autumn with a Peptalk, followed by a 6-week health challenge for all Nordic technology consultants at Combitech. The employees were split into teams and inspired to improve their everyday exercise by collecting Challenge Points for various activities to their teams. Congratulations on improving your physical activity level by 7.5%, sleep by 4.5 % and feel-good sprit by 9.1%.

It’s cool to see that cycling as a means of transport is among the top activities and that, through this particular activity, Combitech has contributed to reducing CO2 emissions by 4820 KG (compared to using a car instead of a bicycle).

Activation, inspiration, and a lot of fun together are at the core of the health year, with themes like nutrition, recovery, motivation, training, and mental and physical health. We are really looking forward to kicking off the next upcoming activities to further engage your staff and help maintain healthy habits, thereby gaining energy and momentum within your company. We can’t wait to run more digital live training sessions around yoga, cross-training and running, as well as hosting lectures and launching additional digital health challenges as part of our Health as a Service.

Keep up the good spirit all you amazing Challengizers at Combitech!

Image from the Challengize app from one of the teams in Combitec's health challenge with us.


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