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The greatest Health Points report Challengize have ever seen

Corporate wellness campaigns help companies increase productivity while reducing overall operational costs. The world is already noticing the rise of awareness regarding employee health and how corporate wellbeing is driving the market.

The covid-19 pandemic has seriously impacted the mental health of employees around the world. The transition to working from home has resulted in increased stress among employees due to a feeling of isolation. Furthermore, the pandemic also hit the economy hard creating a financial crisis for many individuals which in turn affected their mental health.

Corporate wellness campaigns continue to gain traction as more employers are realizing the long-term benefits of maintaining a healthy workforce. The large increase in demand for health campaigns is the biggest sign that businesses are beginning to take the health and wellness of their employees more seriously. In doing so, employers can combat rising healthcare costs while also supporting a motivated and energetic workforce.

The challenge though for many companies as they begin a wellness campaign rests largely on their ability to get employees motivated and engaged to participate in the campaign. We understand, how on earth do you get your employees on board?

Some of the most important components of a corporate wellness campaign lie in the ability to internally market and promote employee participation. This is done by being strategic, flexible, and paying close attention to how well you brand and market your wellness campaign internally. That’s why we at Challengize provide all our clients with tailored campaign material as our goal is to empower our clients toward a focus on wellness as a core company goal.

Having tailored and branded campaign material allows your employees to identify themselves as a cohesive group working towards the common goal of a healthier lifestyle. Support from employers and managers is vital when helping employees achieve their wellness goals.

One company that absolutely put all the pieces together and therefore achieved the greatest Health Points report we at Challengize have ever seen is Turner & Townsend Scandinavia. After their eight-week health challenge with Challengize they;

● increased their wellbeing by 19,4%

● increased their activity level by 30,8% (we mean, hello! Applause!)

● and decreased their stress by 22%

Also, at the end of their challenge, their overall "how are you?" had increased by 19,5%.

“Turner & Townsend Scandinavia went in with the attitude of getting the staff to move for both their own and others' health. With good health in mind, we also decided to invest a sum towards charity, which came to motivate the employees to move even more. With that, we also think it's extra fun to have achieved the best numbers Challengize has ever had and we look forward to following the race on who will win 2nd place. We would like to thank Challengize for its outstanding service and follow-up of staff health. We will definitely do it again.”

- Nima Aase, Director, Turner & Townsend Sweden

So, what can we say about the results? Well, a corporate wellness campaign should not be short-term to satisfy corporate wellness at the moment. As an employer and/or manager, you need to think long-term and be able to see the benefits that it provides. You know, healthy and happy employees build happy and healthy businesses.


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