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Founded with the mission of health for everyone

We believe that simplicity is the solution and that training and health are for everyone, not just those already active. That's why we live our mission in everything we do at Challengize and thrive in helping others.

Training and health should be fun - for everyone

We believe in creating healthy experiences that reflect our diverse world. Our clients, users and participants represent a great variety of people - so do our staff and the product we deliver.

We understand that inclusion and diversity are also business crucial and that our investments in inclusion and diversity will shape the future of Challengize. That's why we constantly work with these keywords in all our systems, processes and our culture.

From idea to reality

Our CEO Nicholas Roman got the idea for Challengize in 2014 while working for Swedish sports retailer Stadium. The goal was to create a health challenge that was more modern, inclusive and fairer than what was currently being offered by step competitions.


Said and done, together with two childhood friends, a first product was launched under the name Stadium Business Battle and among the first customers were Klarna, SJ and G4S. Since then, Challengize has grown significantly both in terms of sales and employees and developed from an idea to a powerful concept with the Challengize app and web platform as key components.


But there is a lot left of our original DNA and the mission is still the same - to get people active and having fun together.

Questions? Curious? Want to know more about Challengize? Do not hesitate to get in touch!

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