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Become the world's best employer

Healthy and happy employees are to be found in healthy and happy workplaces. Create the right conditions for sustainable employees and corporate health together with us at Challengize.

"... if your body isn't active, your brain will not function as it should."

- Anders Hansen MS.c M.D.

Chief physician and Psychiatrist

At Challengize, we work with proactive and inspiring health to make your employees feel good - all year round. Work with our health strategists and set up a plan that works for you.


Focus on healthy everyday exercise, team building and creating a healthy corporate culture across the entire organisation, no matter where in the world you are.

Hållbara medarbetare

A healthy lifestyle for sustainable employees

Whether your employees prefer yoga, Crossfit, or walks with the dog - everyone can be engaged, motivated and inspired for a healthier lifestyle. 

Creative artner for proactive health!

Having Challengize as your partner will elevate health, wellbeing, and team spirit to new levels. These are some of the main reasons our clients choose Challengize for their workplace wellness efforts.

Challenge Points

With our unique Challenge Points algorithm we can guarantee that the employees that most need to focus on health and wellbeing, are rewarded a more than the already active. Like a golf handicap, but where we even take into consideration who is hitting the ball and how they are feeling. Everyone has a chance and it’s all about team-work!

International clients

Challengize is a digital product and we regularly host Challenges spanning over several countries. We know what it means to organize and plan your Challenge and will be able to support you along the way, from the planning stage, throughout the campaign and even in celebrating the winners! And of course we are GDPR compliant.

Measurable ROI

After a completed Challenge we will offer a Health Points report showing wellbeing improvements on a company, unit and team level. The report will also show how stress, sleep, activity levels, physical form and general ”feel good” factors have developed. Measurable results and ROI.

High tech & low tech

Some love high tech solutions, others fear it. That’s why we offer a solution for everyone no matter where on the scale you are. Use our app to track and follow your friends. Or connect Strava, Runkeeper etc. You can even access Challengize responsive web application via your computer, tablet or smartphone. Easy for everyone!

Broad service offering

We offer a wide range of services which means we can tailor a package that suits your organisation and you can have one partner instead of several. That makes proactive health easy for you and clear and coherent for your personal as the red thread goes through everything from health Challenges, lectures, training sessions and more.

Creative idea partner

We are more than happy to help you with creative and healthy proposals and ideas if you f.ex. have a kick-off or conference planned and need an injection of energy. And if we do not ourselves have the service, we guarantee that we can find it in our healthy network! So let us in early in the process and we will help you!

Employe wellbeing - make a fun habit!

Fill your health plan with diverse and fun wellness activities and enjoyable challenges at work that attract and include more employees.

Here's what a health year with Challengize might look like - naturally tailored to your specific conditions.

... inspire each employee to discover their personal joy of exercise, only then are sustainable habits created.


Workplace wellness should be fun and for everyone. Let us help you with a long-term health plan featuring wellness activities tailored to your company:

- Jessica Norrbom, author and scientist

Image by Denys Nevozhai
Go Challengize and become a Challengizer!

Healthy, active and vigorous employees create pleasant and profitable companies and attractive employers.

Get in touch with our health strategists to see how we can help you.

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