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Challengize developed by Egetto AB (Orgnr: 556920-3945)

For more information and questions:


1. General info

This contract controls the terms of use valid for you as a User (participant in Challengize) and supplier (Egetto AB) and the use of products and services connected with the Challengize application and concepts. The use of Client references the contracting party with Egetto AB., The terms in this contract are valid for all parties unless otherwise stated. This could include applications used on cell phones, tablets, or websites.


2. User permission

By logging in and activating an account on Challengize the User hereby grants permission for Challengize and Egetto AB to;

  1. Take part in the user activities registered using third-party applications connected to Challengize such as Strava, Runkeeper, or other trackers connected to the Challengize platform. This also includes activities registered using own registration on the Challengize-platform and Challengize apps.

  2. Display the results of the activities on the Challengize-platform on a team-, unit- and individual level.

  3. Present the results of the Health Points survey to the employer on a team-, unit-, and total level. Health Points will not be presented nor displayed on an individual level.

  4. Set all team members as friends by default and display these results in the user’s activity feed along with friend’s pictures.

  5. Create a team chat with all team members automatically upon start. As a user you can then leave this chat at any time.

  6. Challengize can send push notifications to the user along with in-app messages to users in the app.

  7. To send e-mails to the user with relevant information in connection with the clients' Challenge.

  8. To delete points for activities that are faulty or have been registered with obvious faulty information. This shall only be used as a last resort and both the user and Challengize shall first try to find a mutual solution.

  9. Share pictures posted on the platform or in the app to the Photo Wall unless the user chooses not to, and also posting them in the users Social Feed.  

3. Pre-requisites to accessing the product 

In order to use the product and services involved in Challengize, the user needs to have a working Internet connection and a valid e-mail address. The cost for accessing the Internet and for the cost of data traffic is the user’s responsibility. It is up to the user to have knowledge of mobile data plans, abroad as well as domestic.


4. Limitations of using the service

It is not permitted to use Challengize in a commercial or public context unless written permission is given from the supplier. This includes, but is not limited to;

  1. Technical changes to the service

  2. Using the service in any other way than controlled in these terms of use

  3. Copy and/or print any content from the service

  4. Hand over username and password to others

  5. Bypass the technical mechanisms used in the service in order to prevent reproduction and or distribution.

  6. Use the service in contradiction to current laws and regulations

  7. Challengize reserves the right to shut down/terminate the users access to the service if the user is misusing the service.

5. Copyrights 

The content in the service is owned by the supplier and partners and is only for the user’s personal use. All copying, distribution, or other uses of the content without written approval from the supplier is not permitted.


6. Handling of personal information

At Challengize we care about your personal integrity and strive to always protect your personal data in the best way possible. At Challengize it is our goal to follow all current rules and regulations for personal data protection. For more information read our Privacy notice.


7. Information relevant to the service

The user agrees that the supplier can send relevant information, offerings, etc. to the users by e-mail, push messages and in-app notifications.


8. Disclaimer

The service is offered at the current status, and the supplier gives no guarantees that the information, content, product, or services are entirely correct.

The supplier takes no responsibility for injuries in connection to tips, information, results, articles, etc. The user may not use this information for compensation for medical expertise, e.g. hospital visits.

The supplier reserves the right to continuously change and develop the service supplied. The supplier can only be held responsible for the amount the client has paid for the current service. Smaller technical issues must be seen as normal and cannot be used to claim breach of contract.


The supplier will continuously update, develop and improve the service, and any ”downtime” or technical issues cannot be seen as a breach of contract.

Any technical problems/downtime from third-party suppliers connected to Challengize are considered to be outside Challengize control and Challengize cannot be held responsible.


9. User forums, messaging service, social platform, etc.

In the user forums and/or social platforms connected to or in the service the users agree to not write anything that can be seen as illegal, insulting, racist, threatening, obscene, or in any other way against the law.

Users agree that all pictures uploaded by the user shall follow common sense, and not be seen as illegal, insulting, racist, threatening, obscene, or in any other way against the law. The user is a representative of the company and must act accordingly. The supplier can not be held responsible for any pictures uploaded by the user or damages caused by them.

The user also agrees to not use the social forums for any type of commercial use, f.ex. the marketing of products or services.

10. Dispute

In the occurrence of a dispute, the user and supplier should try for a settlement. If the parties cannot reach an agreement the supplier has the right to take the dispute to a local authority.


11. Change in the terms of use

The supplier reserves the right to change the terms of use when needed. Changes made to the terms of use shall be communicated to the users either via e-mail or by using the social networking platform within the service.

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