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Reach your goals with
Health as a service!

It's hard to be an expert at everything. Lucky for you that Challengize is a digital health expert at your service. Choose the level of Health as a service you need an focus on what you are best at.

Health agency - for your talent

You often hear that "our employees are our most important asset". But then why do you have a marketing agency, accounting firm, PR & Communications agency but no Health Agency? That's where we come in! Challengize can be just that, your professional agency that helps you with all your employee wellbeing needs and maintains a cost-effective red thread to your health initiatives. Over time we will learn and tailor all campaigns to fit your organisation and employees to guarantee maximum effect.


Learn more about Health as a Service from Challengize, your health agency or let us send you more information. 

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We are curious and inclusive individuals welcoming challenges and smart ideas. That is why we have taken a holistic approach to health with Challengize as a long-term partner with the focus on healthy, happy and innovative employees. We need sustainable employees in order to run a sustainable company, retaining current employees and attracting new colleagues, clients and partners. 

Maria Reinholdsson, HR Director, LKAB

Included in Health as a service

What service fits your organisation best? The higher level, the more support, measurable results and ROI expected.


One digital health challenge:

- App (IOS, Android, Web)

- Own logo and image

- CSR & ECO connection 

- Mini-Challenges in app

- Inspiring digital health tips

Kick-off and pep-talk

Customer support

Customer success manager

Health Points report with data


Activate + the following:

Several health challenges

Project manager at your service Health plan with your goals

Inspirational lectures

Training (digital live /on deman)

Digital health challenge

In our digital health challenge, your Challenge Points are based on who you are and what you have done. A personal key is created around each user which is then used as part of the score calculation. Then add activity, time and distance and you have an advanced and intelligent algorithm that gives individually based points.

All services and add-ons can be expanded to fit your needs where Healthy is tailored to create even more sustainable employees! 

Activate - minimum level

Start motivating and activating your personnel!

Are you tired of old-school step counting competitions that only engage a limited few. Get into shape with our modern health challenge where you collect individual points based on who you are and what you have done. Like a smart golf handicap so everyone can participate no matter where in their health journey they are. 

A kick-off and peptalk with our health strategist start off all our challenges to get everyone motivated. During the challenge we will engage with the users to keep the energy on top. Once finished we can celebrate the results with our Health Points report. Minimal administration for maximum effect. Let's go!


Engage - middle level

Increase engagement in all individuals! 

Our Health Strategist will help you manage your wellness program and execute different types of activities. The goal is to motivate and include as many as possible in order to maintain healthy habits over time. 

We will examine and map your needs amongst the workforce and tailor a program of lectures, training and regular health screenings. A great mix to increase energy levels, engagement and team-building to new levels! 

Healthy - top level

Ready for a winning healthy culture? 

Our passionate health strategist will engage 100% with you to create a yearly health plan that fits your organization in order to engage, activate and strengthen your employer brand. 

We base everything on health as a business case and employer branding. We will conduct health analysis', tailor plans for you, set-up KPIs, measure ROI etc. With a red thread in lectures, health challenges, training etc we will together create a healthy culture and ambassadors.  

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Use our healthy network

We have a great network of health experts and can tailor services to fit your needs. Some extra add-ons can be: ​

  • Senior management course 

  • Digital training sessions

  • Dietary counselling

  • Race and events

  • Individual coaching

  • Mental health and mindfulness

  • Massage at work

  • The journey

Formulär HaaS

Training and health should be fun - for everyone

We believe in creating healthy experiences that reflect our diverse world. Our clients, users and participants represent a great variety of people - so do our staff and the product we deliver.

We understand that inclusion and diversity are also business crucial and that our investments in inclusion and diversity will shape the future of Challengize. That's why we constantly work with these keywords in all our systems, processes and our culture.

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Our quick and high set goals for growth means there is a need for us in management to create great conditions for employee wllbeing, having fun and performing at work. Our employees are the greates assett we have and our wellbeing program with Challengize helps us engage, activate and spread a lot of joy at the workplace. 

Robert Hasslund, CEO, RSM Stockholm

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