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How to create a corporate culture

Every company is unique. Its people have a particular set of values, goals, attitudes, mindset. This is called corporate culture, and every business has one.

Of course, not every company manifests its culture in the same way and not every culture is positive and helpful.

Either way, a healthy and strong culture is vital if a business wants to be successful. And believe us: engaging people in healthy non-work activities is a great way to do it.

Here is how a Health Challenge can help you shape your Company Culture:

It teaches about individuality.

The old step challenges were not only boring but also unfair as they used one single measure to compare people of different ages and taste exercises. But our Health Challenges are not like that: points are individually tailored, and every sport counts. So those more sedentary can still compete with amateur athletes. Runners, swimmers, cyclists, cross-fitters, all can get points.

The lesson employees take from this is that everyone has their strengths and weaknesses, but they all can contribute to common goals.

The team is more important than the individual

Every company has that hidden star athlete. The person who takes vacations to run marathons, or wakes up 4:30 AM to swim a couple of kilometers. We applaud them, but our Challenges are about the collective. The winning team is not that with the outliers, but the one with where more people engage and do their best, no matter how many kilometers or gym sessions. This is designed for people to motivate one another, for the more active employees to push the more sedentary into a healthier lifestyle. And therefore it fosters a closer relationship among the different members.

It transforms coffeeroom talk

Forget about the weather and let people talk about truly interesting things. When the whole company is engaged in an extra work activity, they learn more about one another and can build better relationships. Maybe they discover a shared interest in yoga, or find a new tennis partner, or organize a lunch-break running club. Given a Challenge often take weeks to be completed, it gives people more time to engage with people beyond their daily work routine.

Corporate Culture is crucial to your company's success. And our Challenges bring to the table values that every company should motivate: respect, team spirit, friendship. On top of that, by motivating employees towards a more healthy lifestyle you increase productivity.

Do you want to shape your company culture? Leave us your email and we will help you with that.


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