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Maximize Challengize even in your spare time

With the mission to get people active and have fun together, we have created several innovative events such as the Stockholm Multi Island Run, Sollentuna S / W Marathon and EX Swimrun.

Experts within experience races and events

We prefer to say experience races to describe our races. Because for us, the experience and team effort is at the center, not necessarily the result.


To run 10km as fast as you can in an urban environment is offered by many. But to run the entire Stockholm archipelago in one day, or to enjoy a race on the picturesque archipelago island of Runmarö, can only be done with us at Challengize!


Activate - minimum level

Start motivating and activating your personnel!

Are you tired of old-school step counting competitions that only engage a limited few. Get into shape with our modern health challenge where you collect individual points based on who you are and what you have done. Like a smart golf handicap so everyone can participate no matter where in their health journey they are. 

A kick-off and peptalk with our health strategist start off all our challenges to get everyone motivated. During the challenge we will engage with the users to keep the energy on top. Once finished we can celebrate the results with our Health Points report. Minimal administration for maximum effect. Let's go!

Go Challengize and become a Challengizer!

Låt de roligaste loppen i Sverige bli målet för din träning. Challengize bjuder på populära lopp i Stockholm. Allt från barnlopp till halvmarathon och helmarathon i Sollentuna, norr om Stockholm.


Edsviken Marathon

Sollentuna Edsviken Summer Winter Marathon consists of two unique half marathons, six months apart. These together form the world's longest marathon.

After one lap on and around Edsviken's ice and one lap on a nature trail, we can choose the winner of the Summer Winter Marathon. The team with the fastest time overall wins its class.

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EX Swimrun

EX Swimrun

The sport Swimrun was invented in 2006 on Utö and has taken the world by storm. For the 2020 season, we launched EX Swimrun with news such as EX Supersafari, EX Spring & Fall race, ARK Supersprint invitational.

EX promises cold swimming and a tough trail and is something out of the ordinary.

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Stockholm Multi Island Run

Stockholm Multi Island Run

SMIR is primarily a world-unique experience. Run the entire Stockholm archipelago, from northern Arholma to Utö, in one day. In teams of two, the SMIR team takes over the 8 largest islands in the archipelago with a run of up to 75km. Between the islands, the team goes by boat.

Read about the story behind SMIR, The Original 10, SMIR2020 back to the future and how to get involved.



Do you want to experience Sweden's most beautiful half marathon? Then come out to Runmarö in the Stockholm archipelago and participate in the annual running party RUNmaröloppen. 

RUNmarö has been chosen by the participants themselves as Sweden's most beautiful half marathon. And we agree! In addition to a Half Marathon, there is Lunken 5.7 km and Mini-Lunken 1.5 km for the children.

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