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Founded with the mission of health for everyone

We believe that simplicity is the solution and that training and health are for everyone, not just those already active. That's why we live our mission in everything we do at Challengize and thrive in helping others.

Health Challenge at work

Build strong, happy teams with Challengize's digital and fun health plattform and Challenge, inspiring all employees to increase their daily activity, regardless of where in the world you are.

To stay on-top, something more advanced and fair is needed than a simple step competition. In our modern health challenge, teamwork and the joy of movement are emphasized. All physical activity counts, everyone can participate based on their level, and have fun together.

Smart algorithm not just steps


To inspire and include everyone, even the less active, our smart algorithm rewards each person for who thet are and what thye have done. Like a golf handicap!


Regardless of your preferred physical activity, it is counted and easily registered in the Challengize app. Motivation is maintained throughout the entire health challenge with health tips, leaderboards, and social features such as a photo wall, chat and Instagram-like features for employees. 

Social and mental health

Social interaction is promoted not only by the actual in the health challenge but also by the social feed of activities with images. In addition to earning points for exercise, users are rewarded for motivating each other with Social Points, providing an extra boost to team spirit.

To support mental health, participants can accumulate points through Bonus Activities. These could be, for example, micro-breaks, prioritizing sleep, or having a screen-free hour, which, along with physical activity, contributes to greater mental health.



Health portal: tips and training


In order to reach an even broader audience and engage all employees in a healthy lifestyle, the health portal provides a variety of services such as health tips, on-demand workout sessions, and digital live coaching.

Regardless of where an individual is on their health journey, they can participate in the health challenge in their own way, learn more from health profiles, and get in shape with recorded workout sessions or with a coach in their headphones.

Health report with ROI

See what results your health campaign actually deliver. We measure everything, from how much your corporate wellbeing has increased, to how stress has been effected on a team level. Set clear goals, follow-up and reward. Your tailored Health report can be used as part of your Sustainability report.

Your Health report is the perfect tool to use on a senior management level to prove that proactive health initiatives can generate huge savings in decreased sick-leave, stress and also increases in productivity.



Charity Points - CSR focus


We believe in doing good for others should be a part of doing good for yourself. That’s why for us charity and CSR is second nature in health campaigns. With our unique Charity Points you can offer participants to actively take part in your CSR initiatives.

Connect your Challenge to any organization and fight together towards a good cause. You can even set specific goals in regards to cycling and CO2 emissions with our Cycle CO2 widget.

Support and success globally

Whether you are a small or large company, local or global, you will receive professional support throughout your health journey. From project management and strategic advice from our health strategists to assistance from our customer service and Customer Success Manager, who do everything to ensure your success.

We tailor your setup according to your needs, set up the health challenge for you, and provide marketing materials for launching your initiative internally. Minimal administration for you and maximum joy, teamwork, and energy.


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Wellness activity and teaming


Most of our clients choose a health challenge with Challengize as a recurring wellness activity to improve both health and team spirit in the workplace.

The fitness challenge is a fun competition at work and a perfect team-building activity that unites employees around the goal of having sustainable team members. A fitness challenge at work, run multiple times throughout the year, helps you get in shape and maintain healthy routines. Why not launch your wellness activity during a kickoff event?

Contact us for more information!

Sedan är det bara att köra igång! Vi kommer se till så att era medarbetare håller motivationen uppe med peptalk, hälsotips, information i appen, mini-utmaningar och mycket mer!

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