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Find your way in the food jungle

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There are so many tips on how to eat or not to eat. This extreme number of tips can easily make anyone confused.


First, you need to find the lifestyle and food choices that you feel good about and that suits your lifestyle. What you neighbor or friend does might not fit you at all.


When it comes to food, you must be extra careful. There are a lot of people that will give you advice even if you don’t ask for it. It is always important to find out if the source is reliable. Is the author or person giving you advice educated in the area? Is the advice scientifically proven? Can you read the original article, instead of only headlines?

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A healthy food plan should be nutritious and have the right amount of energy. Your energy needs depend on howe much you move. Don’t forget that the food you eat can improve your life. It should also be good and tasty something that sometimes is forgotten with all the should and shouldn’t.


To find the right way in jungle of food tips:

  • Find your way. There isn’t one food plan that will work for everybody, but everybody can find what works for themselves.

  • Make sure that the advice comes from a person with education in the area.

  • Look for evidence-based nutrition advise.

  • Does it sound to be too good to be true, is most likely to good to be true.

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About the author Emma

Challengize health tips are written exclusively for you by Emma Lindblom, registered dietitian (Sweden and US). Emma has a master in Exercise Science from the University of Houston, Tx, USA. She also finished the International Olympic Committee Sport Nutrition Diploma and work with high performing athletes. Emma is a lecturer; writer and her focus is to help people reach their goal with a healthy lifestyle. Her special focus is how to be healthy and reach your personal goals.

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