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Do you eat enough fruit and veggies?

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To eat enough fruit and veggies are important for general health. The recommendation for adults is to eat at least 500 grams fruit and veggies a day and for children 400 gram. This is about 5 respective 4 fist size portions a day. (The Nordic Nutrition Recommendation 2012)


Fruit and veggies are often very nutritious and play an important part in a healthy diet. There are several ways to reach your 500-gram target, pick between fruits, berries, veggies, and legumes. Local produce that are in season is my favorite, but you can also choose frozen or canned whatever makes your life easier or tastier. If you eat many meals out, make sure to pick some veggies too or compliment the meal with a piece of fruit or carrot sticks.

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How to improve your intake of fruit and veggies

  • Try different fruits and veggies, you might find a new favorite.

  • Fill your freezer; frozen fruit, berries and veggies are nutritious as well.

  • Mix veggies or legumes into your meat sauce, stew, or casserole.

  • Start adding recipes that include legumes to your recipe bank.

  • Seasonal produce is often a better choice when it comes to nutrition and price.

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About the author Emma

Challengize health tips are written exclusively for you by Emma Lindblom, registered dietitian (Sweden and US). Emma has a master in Exercise Science from the University of Houston, Tx, USA. She also finished the International Olympic Committee Sport Nutrition Diploma and work with high performing athletes. Emma is a lecturer; writer and her focus is to help people reach their goal with a healthy lifestyle. Her special focus is how to be healthy and reach your personal goals.

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