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To snack or not to snack?

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To snack or not to snack is often the question. The answer is “it depends”.

If you need a snack depends on many different factors, such as your energy requirements, schedule and individual preferences and needs.


My general advice is to eat your main meals: breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You should feel full 3-4 hrs. after a main meal. Complement the main meals with snacks, most people need at least one snack a day while other might need 3.


Timing of your meals

30 am breakfast

(9.30 am snack)

00 lunch

30 pm snack

7 pm dinner

(10 pm snack)

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The size of your snack depends on your energy needs and can vary from a piece of fruit or an egg to a smoothie, overnight oats or yoghurt, fruit, and granola.


You might need a snack if you…

  • have more than 4 hrs. between your meals.

  • lose your concentration in the afternoon.

  • have a sweet tooth in the afternoon/evening.

  • are extremely hungry before a meal.

  • are an active person or increased your activity level.

  • wake up hungry during the night.

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About the author Emma

Challengize health tips are written exclusively for you by Emma Lindblom, registered dietitian (Sweden and US). Emma has a master in Exercise Science from the University of Houston, Tx, USA. She also finished the International Olympic Committee Sport Nutrition Diploma and work with high performing athletes. Emma is a lecturer; writer and her focus is to help people reach their goal with a healthy lifestyle. Her special focus is how to be healthy and reach your personal goals.

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