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Corporate health and wellbeing!

Let us engage your most vital asset in new thinking and inclusive digital health challenges and initiatives.

Proactive health initiatives for modern companies

Do you want your employees to feel good, enjoy work and stay engaged? With the energy needed to create a healthy and attractive company? 

Challengize is your partner for proactive health initiatives for a more successful and sustainable workplace. 

Social, digital and fun


A clear favorite amongst our clients is one of the team-based digital health challenges with our unique and personal points system and where the team effort is crucial. Let everyone participate on their own terms. Your different conditions mean that your personal point key and your Challenge Points are simply based on who you are and what you have done.

Use Challengize to reach your goals with Health as a service!

Not everyone can be a digital health expert. But we are at Challengize! As your partner we help you reach your goals, from activating your employees in an inclusive health challenge to engaging everyone with different activities building a healthy culture. Always with your goals and targets in focus. Which level of Health as a service suits you? 

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Start activating

Get started and activate your staff with a new-thinking and exiting health challenge. Our unique points system creates and inclusive spirit where everyone can take part. 

Included in Activate is: 

  • One digital Challenge

  • Kick-off and pep-talk 

  • Inspiring digital health tips

  • Health Points report

  • Customer success manager

  • ...Read more

Engage paket.jpg


Engage everyone

Motivate more employees to a better and healthier lifestyle with a dedicate project manager and a variation of activities during a longer period of time.  

Engage can include the following:

  • Activate +

  • Several health Challenges

  • Project manager 

  • Health plan with KPIs 

  • Inspirational lectures

  • ...Read more

Be healthy paket.jpg


Live a healthy culture 

Let us become a natural part in building your health culture and emplloyer brand towards a more profitable and sustainable company.

Healthy can include the following:

  • Engage +

  • Unlimited health Challenges

  • Health Strategist resource

  • Health survey and analysis

  • Training (live or digital)

  • ...Read more

Fill your plan with fun and proactive health

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The Journey

Create an employer branding campaign by letting a select few make the journey from a less active lifestyle to reaching a common training goal together with us.

Image by Fausto Sandoval


Get-started-training, digital sessions or group training - we have a fantastic variation of certified training coaches that will guide you, both digital and on-the-spot.



There are tons of tips on how to become more active and start a healthy lifestyle. That’s why we also offer lectures, webinars and digital health tips.


Race & event

Organizing races and other fun new-thinking events are in our DNA. From virtual races to swimruns and training events. Get more out of Challengize even on your spare time!

Par med bärbar dator


Using external health partners to guide you is smart. But what about educating and empowering managers and key personnel with our health inspiration course?


Calm & mindfulness

A healthy lifestyle means not only being strong physically, but also mentally. Stress and unhealthy lifestyles can be managed with the right tools.

Long-term health with a plan

With Challengize, you can activate all employees in a fun and engaging way. We provide you with marketing materials and a health strategist will be your project manager throughout the health campaign so that you can get started quickly and easily.

Challengize works regardless of whether you want to start a digital health challenge, launch a series of lectures, training sessions, or an internal course. Use Challengize to create a health campaign that reaches over a whole year.

Challengize Health plan.png

Let our clients inspire you

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"The work towards more sustainable employees must be prioritised, an investment that will counteract sick leave and create a more attractive workplace. It requires time, resources and a plan with activities that support the overall health goals and that is why we have contracted Challengize in our proactive health initiatives.”

Maria Olofsson, HR-ansvarig

RSM Sverige

KVD bil health challenge

Make your wellness initiatives fun, proactive and measurable

Health and wellness is global, so is Challengize. Wherever you are or wherever you have an office, regardless of city, country or home - Challengize works.


Book a meeting with one of our health strategists and see how we can help you. Our clients increase their wellbeing by an average of 12% - so can you!

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