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Create a healthy and engaged workplace

Create a workplace where your employees feel good, want to stay and develop. Invest in a health campaign tailored to your needs together with us at Challengize.

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Increase happiness, wellbeing and team building at work


With motivating and proactive initiatives for increased everyday health and team building, we at Challengize strive to help you create the workplace of tomorrow.

The need for a healthy lifestyle is greater than ever for both mental and physical wellbeing. Focus on health and team building with us at Challengize.

Happy and healthy clients

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Go Challengize and become a Challengizer!

Challengizer; a participant who spreads health, happiness and inspiration to others.

Why Challengize?

Because healthy, active and sustainable employees create attractive employers and profitable companies.

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Digital health challenge

Our unique Challenge Points algorithm ensures a fair system so you can participate on your terms. Like a golf handicap but much more advanced. 

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Health & team building

Our mission is to get companies active and having fun together. Our health strategists will work together with you to tailor a suitable concept.

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Health data & ROI

For us employee wellbeing is key. The data we measure will result in a health report perfect to include in your sustainability report.

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Social, digital and fun

A clear favorite amongst our clients is one of the team-based digital health challenges with our unique and personal points system and where the team effort is crucial. Let everyone participate on their own terms. Your different conditions mean that your personal point key and your Challenge Points are simply based on who you are and what you have done.


This means that no matter what activity you prefer that raises your heart rate - it counts! A social, digital and fun health challenge to engage, motivate and inspire all employees, no matter where in the world you are.

Challengize is available in several languages. The app in English, Swedish, Finnish and German and the web in several more. 

What more can we help you with?

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Virtuell konferens


Get-started-training, digital sessions or group training - we have a fantastic variation of certified training coaches that will guide you, both digital and on-the-spot.


There are tons of tips on how to become more active and start a healthy lifestyle. That’s why we also offer lectures, webinars and digital health tips.

Race & event

Organizing races and other fun new-thinking events are in our DNA. From virtual races to swimruns and training events. Get more out of Challengize even on your spare time!

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Äldre par som gör yoga

The Journey

Create an employer branding campaign by letting a select few make the journey from a less active lifestyle to reaching a common training goal together with us.


Using external health partners to guide you is smart. But what about educating and empowering managers and key personnel with our health inspiration course?

Calm & mindfulness

A healthy lifestyle means not only being strong physically, but also mentally. Stress and unhealthy lifestyles can be managed with the right tools.

Let our clients inspire you

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"It became the talk of the town, something positive making it easier to create a healthy lifestyle among my colleagues."


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Make your wellness initiatives fun, proactive and measurable

Health and wellness are global, Challengize too. Wherever you are or wherever you have an office, regardless of city, country or home - Challengize works.


Book a meeting with one of our health strategists and see how we can help you. Our clients increase their wellbeing by an average of 12% - so can you!