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Food Folk select Challengize as a health service in the Nordics

Food Folk is the Development licensee for McDonald’s in the Nordics and to reflect their core value “People first” in a greater perspective Food Folk is partnering with Challengize. Their wellbeing program currently engages 300 employees at their offices in the Nordic region. After the first activity together, a Challengize digital health challenge lasting six weeks, the results are in and staff improved their everyday exercise by 8,9% and decreased their stress level by 10,5%. And there are more fun health activities to come, like a new Nordic Ronald McDonald House Charities race that we really look forward to hosting for all employees.


Food Folk has chosen to pair up with Challengize, with an employee first focus in mind, with a proactive health perspective for their office staff in the Nordics. Food Folk, which operates, over 430 McDonald’s restaurants in Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Sweden, is now taking a wider perspective around their sustainability initiatives and now offer their office staff a portfolio of physical, mental and social health initiatives. A great way to show the employees that they are their most important asset and to help them reach a healthier lifestyle in a simple and fun context for maximum participation.

“ Now we are raising our wellness work, from offering health allowance and using an ad-hoc approach towards a more long-term investment with employees first in mind together with our health expert Challengize. We want to simplify the way of taking care of your own health, and to make it a fun experience for everyone within our hybrid workplace. Having created a health plan together with Challengize, offering a mix of digital health challenges, digital training like yoga, dynamic moves and running, we want to bring all employees together, make them feel prioritized and boost their energy. We are also super proud to soon be launching a new charity race where you can join virtually or locally says Karin Kyllerman, Nordic Internal Communication Manager at Food Folk.”

Rasmus Vilhelmsen at Food Folk, engaged in the health challenge and a source of inspiration.

The 6 month health plan will be supported by internal health ambassadors, one per country, who serves as the link between top management and the employees and their role is to boost and motivate Food Folk staff together with Challengize. Leaders participating in the health activities is another way to increase the success of the wellbeing program together with the two digital health challenges, being the core of the health program as everyone can participate on their own terms. The first health challenge showed great results such as an increased overall wellbeing by 6,3%.

Now we are looking forward to the upcoming Nordic Ronald McDonald House Charities Race on June 17, where all employees, including their families, from the four Nordic offices and 430 restaurants can join. The charity race will further boost employee engagement when combining participation in a healthy run together and at the same time raising money to support families and helping them access medical care and resources they need. When the best treatment for a sick child is far from home, thankfully, families don’t have worry about where to stay. At a Ronald McDonald House, families can stay together, rest and recharge to remain strong for their child, interact with families going through similar experiences, enjoy home-cooked meals and receive compassionate hospitality from staff and volunteers — all just minutes from the hospital where their child is receiving care.

The overall goal of the wellbeing program is to raise awareness among employees about health issues, proving that small steps together is the way to reach a healthier tomorrow.

Wellbeing results from Food Folk’s first health challenge together with Challengize March 6th to April 16th, 2023.


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