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How do you train mindfulness? 

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Ok, so how du you train mindfulness? How can you reach that state of mind? The classic mindfulness exercise is sitting, lying or walking meditation. A great exercise to get started with that will give a great sense of relaxation, is a body scan lying down. Try it before you go to sleep. If you want to move forward after that you can try sitting meditation and a breathing anchor. You can find these meditation exercises online or in a mindfulness app. A positive thing with the technological advancements is that guidance is only a click away.


When you meditate you focus your attention on breathing, body control as well as feelings and thoughts coming and going. During meditation you will repeatedly loose focus and drift off. Your thoughts will wander into the future or back to the past. The fact that it happens is totally normal, and it is part of the exercise. When it happens you practice embracing the fact that your thoughts wander, without judging yourself, and then slowly retargeting your thoughts to what you have chosen to focus on. That is the exercise. It’s like being at a mental gym.

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 The breathing anchor:

  • Sit down, relax and take some deep breaths.

  • You don't need to breathe in a special way, just make sure you are resting when breathing.

  • Breathe in and be conscious of breathing in. Breathe out and be conscious of that as well.

  • Can you feel the moment of calm that is created in your body after breathing out?

  • Follow your breathing in the same way exploring the sensation in your body for a few minutes. When your attention wanders away, you just need to consciously and patiently move it back to your breathing.

  • Try to do this exercise without analysing or judging yourself.

  • Why not try it right now after reading this! You are at the mental gym and have already started the exercise.

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About the author Beatrice

Beatrince Bildner. Lic. Physiotherapist, mindfulness teacher with an education in physiotherapy (PDT and ACT). Works at Fungera – Rehab in Gothenburg. There she meets individuals with light to severe physical mental illness such as stress, exhaustion, anxiety and depression. Beatrice has also been a teacher at Gothenburg’s University since 2004. For the last 6 years she holds a position at Mindfulness Center where she educates mindfulness instructors and has also hosted over 20 retreats. If you are interested in Beatrice work with mindfulness, feel free to contact her on Linkedin.

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